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tv   [untitled]    September 27, 2012 3:00pm-3:30pm EDT

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struggle. if you. time is ticking and so you end with israel's leader making a bombastic case as to why don't world must sign up to israeli action over iran. embattled whistleblower julian assange gives an un president and speech to the un general assembly r t v as his words directly to the high level gathering from his london the ecuadorian embassy hideout. and spain's wealthiest region of god the
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lonny approves an independence referendum as a disintegrating economy and a fresh round of austerity spaniards in despair. twenty four hours a day seven days a week this is our team the jewel of words between iran and israel rares its ugly head again that the u.n. general assembly with prime minister netanyahu taking the opportunity to slap to wrong with harsh rhetoric addressing the chamber these radio leader has called on a red line to be said for iran's alleged nuclear drive more on that from our teaser marina but now i am is keeping a close developments in new york for us good to see you again the merino it seems the netanyahu even use a problem to make his point. that's right israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu
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addressed the general assembly and actually pulled out a picture of a bomb went right for in saying his concerns over iran's nuclear program the israeli prime minister pulled out this picture and drew a red line eventually he said that iran has seventy percent of an renia of the uranium it needs to actually make a nuclear bomb and at a certain point when he was speaking to the world body he had drawn a red line at the ninety percent mark and he said this mark is what would this is when the line needs to be drawn for there to be military intervention into iran according to the israeli official he said that sanctions over the past seven years has not deterred iran's nuclear program and more aggressive means need
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to be tackled now we should mention that this type of show and tell method is not a traditional means for the u.n. general assembly debate last time i as i recall any leader or representative of a country doing this type of show and tell method was when moammar gadhafi addressed the international body and pulled out to the u.n. charter and ripped it in front of the general assembly so clearly benjamin netanyahu was trying to get his point across with the prop that he was using over how serious he believes the world body needs to take. a nuclear program and the means that israel is willing to take if iran continues reaching in the u.s. when u.s. president barack obama was addressing the world body of few days ago said the u.s. would do whatever it takes to keep iran from obtaining nuclear weapons but the u.s. the u.s. has felt short of drawing red lines or pulling out problems right i mean it's
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a problem. let's talk about the palestinian leader mahmoud abbas as he was also speaking at the general assembly today what was the purpose of his address. that's right that the palestinian leader addressed the international body and is asking for member observer status for palestine now just a year ago. submitted his application for full member status at the united nations but that that failed because it did not have enough support within the security council now the non member of the server satisfied allow palestine to participate in general assembly it would also their chances of joining the when agencies such as the international criminal court some believe it would be another so. it. is really prime minister benjamin netanyahu is very much against this. issue of palestine and israel needs to be resolved independently between those the both
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those parties alone it should not involve the united nations up palestine has a lot of support within the general assembly even though the us would not support palestine's full membership status i do believe that palestine will probably receive this nonmember observer state status by the end of the year because it does have the majority of support of the countries that belong to the. ride let's leave it there i don't know but if in new york for us now more analysis on that from a ramsey editor of the palestine chronicle dot com good to have you with us mr. prime minister netanyahu called to bomb to describe the wrongs nuclear threat you know i'm sure a did you find is the explanation. i mean the whole thing the whole sure was rather embarrassing i think that's and you know his speech is going to go down in history books. not for its grandeur and the greed of the discourse but rather for the
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bizarre and embarrassing nature. member in the last speech he. to the u.n. general assembly sixty six session he was very insulting it was. he he insulted and members of the u.n. as they were sitting and listening to him this time i think he's insulting everybody's intelligence not just the general assembly but everywhere in the world coming with this. death he does. cartoon type of bomb saying seventy percent ninety percent then boom it's really is embarrassing and i find it very difficult to rationalize or to counter that argument in any reasonable then which is just really beyond the pale in terms of how childish and crucially it was so israel continues its intimidation tactics against iran that is calling for the u.s. not to draw the red line in its dealings with the state but at the u.n.
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president obama made it clear that america wants to resolve the issue through diplomacy what happened to america's war mongering rhetoric against iran well i think this is this is what it's all about as far as netanyahu is concerned i mean that entire speech where he infused the holocaust to speak about you know the continued suppression of palestinians and all of that that was typical and this was repeated and it was really shameful in my opinion that he brings that issue to justify the oppression of another issue but then eventually the very kind of move. to his skill and his skill was was basically iran he is digging a hole for himself he provided this timeline of one year where we can possibly go beyond that so he basically committed himself directly or indirectly that he is going to destroy iran's nuclear ambitions within one year if nothing is being done
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about it and in a way i feel like or i think it's a message also to the united states that if you do not back us up. we are going to act unilaterally and we know the power of that is what you did lobby in washington and elsewhere in america they are not going to allow this to happen so we are going to see you one year of constant is really pressures to drive the united states into another war and that is actually going to be my next question to you i mean does the u.s. and israel still see eye to eye when it comes to iran they do not see eye to eye when it comes to iran they do not see eye to eye when it comes to many issues including the patient. patient of palestine the don't but the u.s. is constantly being cool worst by the pressures and the powers of israel's friends the lobby in washington d.c. and the other influences that israel has now the challenge is will obama hold his ground or will he in the selling out the same way that he did in the past i think
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this is the challenge and i think this timeline is not just concerning iran but it's also concerning the united states itself lost to palestinian leader mahmoud abbas cause if here at the u.n. with his bid for palestinian statehood this time he returned with a more wanted to call to get a nonmember observer status why is the backing down. it was a declaration of defeat. aside of the language and the strength of the narrative and the poor take nature of our big language and all of that it was ultimately a declaration of defeat all slow is dead and buried israel he said does not want to see a two state solution he did not see nothing here or the right wing government in israel he said israel period and all of its political components do not want to see a two state solutions now there is a rational conclusion that would come out of this is that we are going to have a plan and that is very serious and it's going to be a complete change of course a complete shift of our policies unfortunately abbas disappoints again where he is
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his counter plan basically is to asking for symbolic victories at the general assembly and continuing to extend his hands in peace to israel despite the fact that the israelis are brick in that hand time and time again yet he has no new ideas nothing creative nothing new it's really it is over not just for all snow but for the palestinian authority it is politically bankrupt financially bankrupt it's time for change of course and unfortunately ambassador did not offer that new road map to how he wishes to lead the palestinians toward that new discourse political discourse a new action nothing whatsoever a couple of new language terms that he mentioned apartheid he mentioned boycott but again he did not place them within a clear political context what does this mean and how we are going to get ourselves out of this sure sure rod in which i'm bassim silv is. accountable
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and he has himself participated in that fear that course palestinians so much in the last twenty years and yet he would not take responsibility for ramsey editor of palestine chronicles a dot com thank you for your thoughts. syria has been among the dominant day issues at the un gathering this week of the country's capital was rocked by two rebel attacks in just two days but this was largely ignored by international allies of the opposition who only stepped up their calls for regime change marcus papadopoulos editor of politics for us online magazine says that the path of terrorism will only lead syria into the abbe's roylance never achieve anything especially in a country like syria which like the old yugoslavia before it is a mosaic of different peoples different religions very multicultural society and
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that's something that many western politicians and western journalists are ignorant about when it comes to syria so has the russian government has been repeatedly saying only a peaceful solution will work for syria it could be of course from a military perspective that the rebel forces in syria are frustrated that their tactics are not working they haven't taken over damascus as they said they would they haven't taken over a leper as they said they would perhaps they are becoming desperate and we are probably going to see more of these despicable terrorist actions the world's top a whistleblower julian assange has found a way to make his own address at the u.n. general assembly from a cell during the ecuadorian embassy in london he used a video link provided by r.t. to speak to the world leaders gathered in new york r.t. sarah for it has the details of this unprecedented statement. it's a story that demanded to be heard incessantly r.t.
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have refused to ignore it having followed every detail of julian assange just case from the very beginning well last night the un listened as the wiki leaks founder delivered his impassioned appeal to see the un to the people who were gathered there calling on the u.s. to end its persecution of wiki leaks and of the man himself now he spoke via satellite link from the ecuadorian embassy in london where he's been for more than three months now as he fights his extradition he just the u.n. assembly in the great gathered there are to exclusively in the embassy behind the scenes and exclusively broadcasting as julian assange has delivered his message to the world leaders who are gathered there spoke for about fifteen minutes and the main point that he made was the criticism of the u.s. and of president obama criticizing them for defending freedom of speech of being very outspoken about defending freedom of speech but then converse lipase keating
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whistle blows and people he try and tell the cheese and he spoke certainly of his facile wiki leaks possibile so the wider implications of the route that the u.s. is now taking. ration is in trying to recruit. a national regime of secrecy and that's the regime of obfuscation and regime where any government employee revealing sensitive information to a media organization can be sentenced to death life imprisonment or espionage now in recent u.s. the classified documents being found that julian the sons and wiki leaks are officially enemies of the state and that anyone who works with them could speak to tension the persecuted and now he spoke not only of his own ongoing battle but also the wider implications for whistleblowers if the u.s. continues along this course. as mentioned we were exclusively broadcasting
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a song just address a live venue you can watch the full version on our website. breakthrough exclusively. the sun rises over what seems like analyst forest to hear and cry for hundred kilometers north of la. as in much of the world it's disappearing at a catastrophic rate. mortgages both illegal and those finding ways to outsmart the system filing down the forests of the region for them profit goes well beyond the future of our planet and the result could be an ecological crisis the world wildlife fund for nature makes regular trips to help local rangers do what little they can to stop the
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logging but it's not easy lager set up trucks making them hard to reach an already rough terrain and have mastered ways to jump through legal loopholes this is a nature reserve were only sanitary logging of disease trees is allowed according to law and not a single berry can be picked but loggers like this use their sanitary logging permit to cut down absolutely healthy trees and sell the profitable timber over the border in china we are on the hunt for illegal and it's not going to be easy the forests. in our chances are slim now for now we can stay in our dreams but as soon as we find tracks we'll have to drop our wheels and get out silently in order not to scare off alexander some morning has been a ranger for over twenty five years he can spend weeks at a time tracking a single group of loggers easier to work. with in autumn it's impossible to find
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human tracks and even. harder to see. after hours of driving we get sent in the right direction by word of mouth you can see that the ground is soft here which means that they've twelve the tractor trails are very fresh which in fact means that we need to be quiet in order to not scare them off as we get closer. this team says they're illegal but have no documents now xander can now call the police to take over his work here is done he is overwhelmingly outnumbered there are too few rangers working in the promote the region and the w w f says the government isn't doing enough to stop it i guess the government now is a start of that are for more whole forest legislation so assumes the pals and so on ribs and you'll for us court and according to be a lot of. the guys in waltham in the in the forest to the still the forest courts deal doesn't work just. as no one tries to stop them in just five
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years the force will be gone they'll sell it all to china what will the people who live afterwards do like it's a question more and more people are aware of today climate change and the safety of our environment as a whole are being discussed around the world and perhaps it's those small steps that might be a start to people living in harmony with nature. nation free couldn't take three months for chargers. arrangement three. three. zero time free. download free broadcast video for your media projects free media oh don the r t v dot com. there was good to have you with. two public services in the u.k. have not spent the country's law enforcement hundreds of police jobs have already
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been slashed with more under threat but officers are in taking kindly to the proposed changes artie's party boy has more on how they are fighting back. they're faced with having to make deep budget cuts and to add insult to injury were reportedly called plaids by a senior member of the government now police say in the west midlands have decided to fight back in a couple of weeks the conservative party conference comes to birmingham police federation's for the three regions surrounding the city are preparing their very own welcome for all the government ministers paying a visit they say they're going to buy up as many billboards as they can in the city center in order to put this anti government advertisement up by the time the tories start their meeting police here want the public to know that they can't guarantee a good service because of the budget cuts being insisted upon across the whole of england and wales the picture a similar six thousand eight hundred frontline police jobs have gone since the two
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thousand and ten general election in order to free up more money for the treasury which is in desperate need of cash for the government to do change the new. england and we're beyond all recognition currently. twenty percent of the budget and maintaining the policing. and good will ultimately the police federation's latest campaign here in birmingham is a warning that even if the deep cuts made by the british government save the money it could come at the cost of public safety. a tanking economy rampant unemployment and a fall public mood may not be the worst of spain's troubles that the lonia the country's riches and most prosperous region is on a collision course with madrid after voting to go through with a referendum on independence something that the government says they can do without the blessing of the rest of spain archies jacob greaves
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a looks at what the rush is about. the regional elections being held in catalonia will be seen as a de facto referendum on independence from madrid and from essential lies government and that's largely down to who's running on the ballot paper we have present our soul mass regional heads and he's been calling for greater independence if he proves popular on the day of voting or then that could really reflect on how popular the issue of independence is has always been the simmering sentiment twenty comes to this national debate between highlighted somewhat given the current economic conditions and economic plight in spain catalonians feel that they've been hard done to they give more to madrid in terms of the budget about twelve billion euros more on an annual basis ever received back also catalonia as a regional sort of contributes about twenty percent of spain's annual g.d.p. is still part of what was owed deficit struggling to reduce that deficit in france
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alone or about forty billion euros but here they say they've made deeper and tougher cuts than anywhere else in spain this issue actually oh this month or so about a million people onto the streets in barcelona is a call for independence away from madrid that comes at a very tough time for spain as a whole particularly for the government of prime minister rudd poised as one piece dubbed it is a crisis on top of a crisis as they're facing their own problems and deficit reduction and people coming out to the streets and met tens of thousands to protest against how the government is handling austerity measures we've just seen this week protests turned violent the occupy congress movement which started peacefully aim to get a message of and just stared through to employees and ended in violence of police pushing back the protesters even being hit by battens having a bullet fired in their direction and it's also about sixty people were injured in
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proceedings are up thirty people being detained as a worrying sign for some of these demonstrations turned more violent after as a continued. well as drawing katie for the laws to market for today katie over g u hides how they will i'm going to lead on from what jake has been saying really because the stocks are indeed gating and that's off to spain purge to cut its deficit and also added to that speculation grew that china's government would do more to support economic growth so as you can see the street stocks are indeed in the whole city of territory the european markets also gauge in the session the news from spain along with the euro as well gaining spain did outline that budget for twenty thirty they are going to stick to those of stares the measures investors seem quite optimistic about this check out some russian figures because the most market is indeed finished imposed to terra to get the ruble as
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well that managed to get a in the session today's the ruble day and the equities gauge here moscow and that can mostly be put down to the fact that oil prices are way north as well so that's how the markets look all we've got some are a tower with more walk it somewhere be following the spanish situation as well absolutely thank you for the loss of the markets katie will see tomorrow. right because a report is coming up in a few minutes with kind of the smash in the current monitoring policy of the western banks state for. more news today violence is once again flared up. and these are the images the
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world has been seeing from the streets of canada. trying to corporations rule the day. the french invasion of russia has started again after two hundred years up at the. jet. has arrived from overseas to lead the army i have to really take my time to prepare myself to get it right. the bloody battle near moscow is going to start over. james brown will reveal the victor the soldiers are back to do it all again. but you know version twenty twelve on r.t.
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i am mascaras are this is the kaiser report you know we live in a time of extremes extreme inequality instability volatility extreme debt rehab publication finance reform occasional monetary dent generation under some strain of paul is gone all johnny rotten is a former fed chairman paul volcker was the skull in discussing q.e. to infinity and this is what he had to say. that's right he was given the two fingered salute the big ben bernanke oh as they say over. access also known as the harvey samantha the tongues of the last scotland and the headline that goes with this q e three will not fix america's problems warns paul volcker paul volcker the former federal reserve chairman credited with taming the
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inflationary threat of the one nine hundred seventy s. has warned that further quantitative easing will fail to prepare economies in europe and the u.s. well wire federal reserve bank which is the lender of last resort responsible for taking the post all the way when the party gets too rocked is not do their job instead of being the lender of last resort there's a buyer a first resort they buy every schlock piece of junk bond that these investment banks that used to destroy the economy they'll take in their buyer and very garbage bond out there this was to be the buyer of first resort just went through the lender of last resort i think completely screwed this thing up they got it all backwards and paul volcker of course back in the seventy's early eighty's you took interest rates up to sixteen percent to squeeze out these these these these no good mix well to cover out all of this fraud max remember at the beginning of this crisis we were told it's a liquidity crisis.


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